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Essays and teaching

Stone, literature, landscape

This is a talk I gave in August 2005 to 3rd year landscape architecture students at the University of New South Wales to expand their understanding of what hand-cut stone pieces might contribute to their future landscape designs.


I took 'succession' as my theme because I was speaking to the annual conference of Regional Botanic Gardens Associations and I wanted to link the thought of artists and their work changing slowly over time with the idea of botanic succession. I also wanted to consider the 'apostolic succession' of lettercutting artists, an unfashionable idea in some contemporary art circles, where novelty is the driving value.

Works and Days

Brief thoughts about my time at Hill End and the other inhabitants of that artistic village.

A summer of changes

Reconciling lettercutting and the nomadic life

For my Chinese friends and students

I have prepared the following short discussions for my lessons and talks in China in 2006:

For my Finnish friends and students